It is always beneficial to expand vocabulary. When you concentrate on a particular field of study there will always be certain key words that will make the learning process a little simpler. So here I have accumulated a list of words that I may have or will mention in my blog pertaining to any architectural or urban design issue for your reference (and of couse mine as well). Enjoy!

  1. agora (n) – The place where such an assembly met, originally a marketplace or public square. Particularly used when discussing the early cities of Greece.
  2. arbor (n) – A shelter of vines or branches or of latticework covered with climbing shrubs or vines.
  3. Italianate garden (n) – A style inspired by Italian architecture and garden design from the Renaissance period. It may incorporate elaborate intricate stonework, classical statuary, lavish urns, or formal plantings of shrubbery clipped into geometrical shapes.
  4. orangery (n) – Citrus trees cultivated in a greenhouse setting, or orange trees planted outside in a decorative manner as in a courtyard.
  5. parterre (n) – An ornamental garden with paths between the beds. Commonly found in the french formal gardens.
  6. portico (n) – A covered walkway in the form of a roof supported by columns or pillars, especially one built on to the exterior of a building.
  7. vignette (n) – The combination of various garden elements into a unified point of interest. It may include alluring plant associations and attractive garden structures or take in a picturesque view.

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