New Segment: Exploring My City

English: Location of Staten Island on New York...

Location of Staten Island  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In celebration of returning from my over a year hiatus, I would like to start off with a BANG! I am happy to introduce a new segment to the site, Exploring My City.

The truth is that for the majority of my life, I had been restrained to the confines of Staten Island. When the only way out of here is by bridge or ferry, it produces limits to possible adventures and explorations of somewhere new and exciting. It also could be attributed to my father’s paranoia with letting me step anywhere not in his accessible reach (the result of being the son of a detective and just general parenting concern).

I have had the pleasure of calling myself a New Yorker for my entire life but I don’t feel fully entitled to wield this coveted label. The truth was that before starting my freshman year of college I could no better direct someone around Manhattan than a tourist with a map. So I vouch to myself, and to any of you who still are lingering around this blog, that I will make it a point to explore a new neighborhood in New York City every month. I am very excited for this and hopefully you all will feel the same!

My first stop exploring my city… Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, New York.


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