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Coney Island

Coney Island Time Warp

In the Ruins of Playland, Artifacts of Better Days. By The New York Times.
Article Here.

New York Times documents the decrepit “ruins” of Coney Island. Although Coney Island has stepped into a scene of nostalgia, to neglect the demonstrated destruction does not indicate that it is time for Coney Island to take steps toward development and renovation. It is doubtful that too much more of the ‘older’ Coney Island will be preserved.

Nathan Kensinger, a famous photo-chronicler took some rare glimpses at the remains of Coney Island’s once Playland Arcade, which flourished as a place of escape and fun until about 1982.

Of Playland, Mr. Kensinger writes:

Inside the arcade, an army of raccoons and cats has taken over. If not for the freezing winter weather, the stench of their urine would be overwhelming. … Lining the walls of this forlorn structure is an impressive artifact from Coney Island’s history, in the form of dozens of hand-painted murals. Though badly deteriorated, there are many colorful scenes remaining. Presented almost as panels in a comic book, these are portraits of a different Coney Island era, long past. Strip poker, naked hunting, shotgun weddings, Sasquatch, moonshine, Skee-Ball, mermaids and cartoonish gun violence. This is Coney Island’s lost soul.

Vacant land at Coney may offer biz hope. By Erin Durkin.
Article Here.

The article describes how businesses on the boardwalk at Coney Island that are about to be displaced wish to be moved to a separate vacant area on the boardwalk, preserving their businesses that have been gracing the boardwalk for years.

How many more years will it be before all of Coney Island’s classic charm of mystery and adventure is reduced to nothing but a set of future developer plans…

Boardwalk, Coney Island


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