Infrastructure / New York City

A Possible Shift in Transportation

Is It Too Late To Change Our Manhattan-Centric Transportation?
By Jaya Saxena. Article Here.

Graph from Center for Urban Future's Behind the Curb

The Center for Urban Future recently published a 30-page report of the commuting activities of New Yorks revealing some not so surprising findings. The rent in manhattan is simply sky-rocketing. The obvious solution for this is moving out to the nearby boroughs and commuting in and out from manhattan for both business and pleasure. However, the center is looking to lend a helping hand to commuters who spend hours getting to there destinations everyday by proposing more new and efficient methods of transportation for surrounding borough – they are hoping for new subway lines.

I personally have been commuting in and out of Manhattan from Staten Island for the past year and while I do have a perfect opportunity to listen to music or read a book, those 4 hours a day that I spend making my way back and forth is both inconvenient and draining.

70 minutes per trip, 140 minutes a day, 700 minutes a week, 36400 minutes a year. That’s approximately 25 days of your year spent commuting. Work for 30 years and you’re looking at 750 days of your life commuting, a little more than 2 years.

It is very unlikely that with the current economy that this plan would take preference over others. While making more bus routes would be cheaper for the city, it is not on the average new yorker’s pocket and with the recent fair hikes that have been occurring every few months it would not gain momentum. A new subway would be the most alluring to commuters. However, subways are insanely expensive to finance and because they run underneath the city, it would halt many areas for large-scale construction.

I wouldn’t mind better methods of commuting – at all!

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