Historic Preservation / Interior Preservation / New York City

15,000 Stars to the Empire State Building

Written in the Stars

Alfred E. Smith and an army of construction workers spent approximately 410 days to build the Empire State Building. Denise Amses, a Brooklyn artist, and her three assistants that long to place 15,000 stars and 5,000 circles on 16 panels of glass.

The connection? Amses just completed the final part of a $20 million dollar renovation of the empire state building lobby. An earlier phase uncovered two shiny Art Deco ceiling murals that had been hidden behind plastic panels and light fixtures since the 1960s. They were restored with 23-karat gold and aluminum leaf and unveiled in 2009.

Of her vision, Denise Amses said,
“My concept was to create a whole world inside this window. I wanted to create something that acts as a beacon to bring you to that spot,” she said. “For people coming to a building like this, they aren’t looking for art. But for the split second they’re there, I want to get their attention.”

Empire State Building Lobby Source: 15,000 New Stars Take tForm in Empire State Building. By James Barron.Article Here.


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