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Little Italy Grows Smaller

Nel cuore di Little Italia

As part Italian-american I take pride in where my city displays Italian culture. Little Italy is a culmination of all I grew up with pasta, italian ice, music, and good fashion. I only recently had the pleasure of exploring Little Italy more when I began classes in Manhattan – In plain words it makes me giddy to see all the the pride and the food is to die for. Although it is called Little Italy, it is not only for Italians – in fact the residents of the area have been so diverse that the percentage of “Italian-Americans”  has decreased significantly (6% in 2000) … leading to other issues –

New York’s Little Italy, Littler by the Year. By Sam Roberts.
Article Here.

Little Italy is becoming a nostalgic memory that tourists have on their sight seeing list rather than a cultural celebration of Italian-Americans alike. It seems the Italian culture has dwindled throughout the years. Census takers could not find a single resident within Little Italy that was born in Italy. In 2010, the National Park Service declared a Chinatown and Little Italy historic districts with no boundary line to the two.

In March, it is rumored that the City Planning Commission is going to approve the “Chinatown Business Improvement District” which will take away two square blocks of Little Italy along with it.

Puglia Ristorante, Little Italy

I had attended the San Gennaro feast back in September with two of my friends, I thought it was sizable and a great time between friends. But apparently my amazement by the blocks upon blocks of italian celebration was nothing compared to how big the feast was once years before. Overall, this is upsetting for me – I wonder what that says about us Italians – have we abandoned what once was our cultural stamp on New York City? I would like to say that is not the case.


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